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How Much Can A Cleaning Business Website Make?

Have you thought about starting a cleaning business? If so, it can be a great industry to be in; providing that you take the right steps to get the word out about your brand! Owning a cleaning business can mean several different things. You could decide to only clean residential properties, you can open your business to commercial properties, you could decide to clean windows, or you can make the decision that a mix between all of these is going to be the best direction for your business. No matter what direction you take, it’s important to start by building a website.

How a Website Can Help You Launch Your Business

No matter if you’re looking to start a residential cleaning business, a commercial cleaning business, a professional window cleaning business, or a mixture of the three, it’s crucial that you build a website. Every day we’re seeing more and more advances in technology. These advances have put the internet into the palm of the average consumer’s hand; making it more and more important for businesses to take advantage of marketing to the online community. While door to door marketing, telemarketing, and advertising in newspapers could make a little money, without a website you’re missing out on the vast majority of your target audience!

Tips To Consider When Building Your Website

Tip #1: Use A Content Management System – These days, building a website that responds to screen size and proves to be appealing to consumers and search engines alike has become incredibly simple. By taking advantage of content management systems, website owners don’t need to know intricate codes to manage their sites anymore.

Tip #2: Choose A Responsive HTML5 Template – Because more and more people are using mobile devices to surf the web, it’s important for your website to be responsive. Don’t worry, there’s still no coding involved; however, when looking for a template, remember to look for one with a “responsive” design.

Tip #3: Remember Search Engines When Building Your Site – While it’s important to make your website appealing to readers, it’s also important to keep search engines in mind. With that said content management systems like WordPress also give you the ability to use plugins that make the onsite search engine optimization process simpler; making it possible for even a novice computer user to inject title tags, description tags, and more features that are important to search engines.

Tip #4: Your Logo Is Important – Your logo will give your prospective clients the first impression of your business. So, if you’re not great at professional design, it may be worth hiring a professional logo designer to help with your logo development.

How to Get Search Engines to Notice Your Website

Now that you’ve got your website designed, it’s time to get search engines to start taking notice. There are two key factors that you have to remember when taking on this challenge. First and foremost, content is king! The content on your website should include keywords that you’d like to show up in search results for. So, if you’re looking at starting a professional window cleaning business, make sure that you spend time creating quality content that explains the window cleaning process in detail.

Another thing that’s important to know is that links are the highways of the internet. So, the importance of your website is measured largely based on the links that point to you. The more quality links you have, the better. The good news is that earning those links isn’t a very hard process. You can do so by offering free content to other websites that links back to you, taking advantage of online directories, or even making updates on your social network profiles. While building up organic traffic, it may be a good idea to consider pay per click marketing. Google offers a great system called Adsense that’s designed to drive traffic to your website in a way that allows you not to pay until you get results.