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7 Reasons Florida Insurance Agents Need a Website

An online presence is essential to the success of insurance agents in South Florida. We live in a digital age; people use their cell phones, iPads and computers to find the products and services they need. Without a website, people in Fort Myers and Naples won’t be able to find you, or hire you as their insurance agent.

1. Consumers Expect Insurance Agents to Have Websites

These days, South Florida consumers expect insurance agents to have their own websites. People in Miami don’t always want to pick up the phone to get the information they are seeking. Besides, many don’t like to feel the pressure of an insurance agent trying to make a “hard pitch”. An informative website letting people know that you offer policies in Fort Lauderdale will help to increase sales.

2. Websites Make Insurance Agents Look More Professional

Websites help to make insurance agents look more professional to consumers. A professionally designed website can give the appearance that you work out of a Fort Lauderdale or Miami professional facility, even if your office is in your guest room or the corner of your kitchen. With your own website, you’ll also have a more professional looking email address, like yourname@yourcompanysname.com. It makes it a lot easier for people to remember your email address as well.

3. Insurance Agent Websites Make You More Competitive

South Florida insurance agents who don’t have websites are missing out on a lot of potential business. The competition for new clients can be brutal in the Naples and Fort Myers area. In order to be a top competitor in the industry, you’ll need to let people know why they should choose you to be their insurance agent. The most effective way to do this is with a professionally designed website.

4. Websites Generates Leads for Insurance Agents

Every insurance agent knows that “cold calls” to South Florida residents are rarely effective. People just don’t want to be bothered listening to an insurance agent trying to sell them a new policy. They prefer looking online for insurance agents when they need to renew or get another policy. Besides, bothering a potential client when they are busy will simply annoy them, and cause them to find a different insurance agent in Miami when the need arises.

5. Broaden the Market

Having your own insurance agent’s website will broaden the market area of potential consumers. Just because you are based out of Fort Lauderdale or Miami doesn’t mean that your customer base needs to be located in South Florida. A professional website will allow you to market policies throughout the State of Florida. This will certainly increase your sales and commissions.

6. Showcases Your Policies

Your own insurance agent website will allow you to showcase the types of policies that you sell. If a consumer is searching for South Florida insurance agents who offer homeowners’ policies, they will be able to find you. Of course, the consumer will also find out other types of policies you sell thereby; adding a greater chance that they will purchase more than one type of insurance policy from you.

7. Build an Email Address Base

An insurance agents website will help you to build a bigger email address base. The ability to keep in contact with consumers in Miami, who have contacted you through your website, signed up for a newsletter or registered for a free eBook is important for growing your sales. By emailing those people on a regular basis, your name will be on their minds when they need to find South Florida insurance agents for policies.

So, you see a professional website is important for South Florida insurance agents. There are a host of reasons for having a website, and not a single reason why insurance agents shouldn’t have them. To effectively grow commissions, insurance agents in Fort Lauderdale need professional websites.