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Why Attorneys Need Responsive Websites

Why Attorneys Need Websites

61% of Americans own smartphones. 70% of Americans have Internet connections at home. Most people use the internet to find what they need, and that includes legal representation. Sole practitioners and nationally-known law firms alike need websites if they want to connect with potential clients. If these statistics aren’t enough to convince you that a website is a necessity for attorneys in the Miami area, these three reasons should tip the scales.


When people are injured in car accidents, have been charged with a crime or a facing a divorce, they turn to the Internet to find a lawyer who can help. If you’re not online, then potential clients who type “Fort Myers divorce lawyer” simply aren’t going to find you. A website isn’t just an investment. It’s a necessity if you want to keep up with your competitors, most of whom are already online. If your site has great content and is search engine optimized, you should expect to see an increase in business.


Well-established law firms that serve the B2B marketplace and get most of their clients through referrals do not need to rely on rely on organic Google searches. However, that does not mean that such firms do not need websites. When a client receives a referral to your firm, chances are very high that she will go online to learn more about your firm, your attorneys and your successes. If your firm does not have a website, potential clients will question your credibility. Your website should show the history of your firm, what sets your firm apart, and include a brief biography of all of the attorneys at the firm. You are proud of your firm’s reputation; your website is the place to show it off.

Website is the marketing tool for making your brand known.

Whether you rely on organic searches or not, a website is a valuable part of your brand. With so many lawyers and law firms to choose from in South Florida, it’s important to stand out. A unique brand can help you do that, and a website is the vehicle for making your brand known. Are you aggressive or holistic? Are you pragmatic or do you fight tooth-and-nail until your clients gets everything she wants? Are you committed to providing cost-effective legal services, or do you only represent high-asset clients? Are you a mediator or a litigator? Your website should answer these questions at a glance.

If You Build It, They’ll Find You

Whether your goal is to attract clients in Fort Lauderdale, Naples, Miami or all three, a well-optimized website can help you do that. The worst thing you can do is ignore your online marketing strategy. Yours might be the most respected firm in all of Florida, but a lack of a website will eventually erode it.