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Why Gyms and Personal Trainers Need Websites

Most Americans are out of shape or working very hard to get in shape. That’s a sad fact – unless you’re a personal trainer or gym owner. Fitness is good business – if you can find clients. A well optimized and beautifully designed website can help not only help you find clients, but help you find the right clients. A good website can connect you with clients who will be loyal for years to come.

Competing with Corporate Gyms

Gyms like Bally’s, Lifetime and LA Fitness are stiff competition for small, independent gyms and personal trainers. But don’t be discouraged. One of the best things about the Internet is its power to level the playing field. You may not have the budget for TV advertising that Bally’s has, but you can build a website that is every bit as good – or better – than theirs. Maybe you can’t offer a broad range of classes or rows upon rows of equipment, but you can offer something different, something special that potential clients just might find more appealing. With the right online strategy, you can easily compete with the big gyms and run a thriving business.

Specialized Gyms

Large gyms can offer (or at least claim to offer) everything. Smaller gyms often choose to specialize. People searching for specialized gyms are far more likely to turn to the Internet to find what they are looking for. For example, someone looking for a boxing gym might type “Miami boxing gym” into Google. If you optimize your site correctly, you can capture those searches. And if you pack your site with great content and a clear message of what sets you apart, you can turn those searches into clients.

Geographical Targets

If you’re a personal trainer, you may need to target people outside your community to increase your client base. If you’re Orlando-based but willing to travel throughout South Florida, you will want to capture searches from communities such as Naples, Port St. Lucie, Tampa and Boca Raton. Experienced web developers and search engine optimization experts can explain how this type of strategy works and implement it on your website.

Earn Their Trust

Many people are turned off by or have had bad experiences with the corporate chain gyms. They want to get fit and need a place to do it, but they may be reluctant to go to another gym or sign on with another trainer. A website can go a long way to bridging that trust gap.

Trust is essential for the gym- or trainer-client relationship. Talk to a knowledgeable web developer to learn more about how you can build a website that helps establish trust and bring in new clients.