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About Us

Anyone can brainstorm. An Intelligence Storm is what happens when professional and talented programmers, system administrators, designers, artists, flash animators and project managers join forces to create an effective website. Intelligence Storm was founded in 1998. Since then, we have created hundreds of websites for clients all around the world. Our team is capable of implementing projects of any complexity within very tight time frames. No matter how big your project is or how soon you need it, we are prepared to deliver. All of our employees are highly knowledgeable, and serve as the intellectual foundation of our company. We are highly motivated to provide services, including programming, web site development, web design, and animation. We also provide on-going technical support for websites and servers.

Experience. Knowledge. Competition.

What sets us apart from other web developers? Experience. We know what it takes to be successful on the web. We’ve created sites of all types, ranging from e-commerce sites and brand-building sites to community sites and corporate sites. We offer our services at rates that are five times cheaper than most developers in North America and Western Europe. If you run a small business, startup or nonprofit, a small investment in our services can yield big dividends down the road. If you run a midsize or large company, the money you save with us is money you can reinvest in your business. When it comes to your bottom line, we’re your best bet.

We’re Perfectionists

A project is not complete unless it’s perfect. We won’t hand a project off to you until it flows and functions the way it should. Most importantly, we will not stop working until the project reflects your vision. Your website is the face you show to the world – it needs to make you look your best. We are prepared to do whatever it takes to deliver exactly that.

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Take the first step. Give us a detailed description of your project, and we will offer you a quote. We look forward to learning about you and your project.