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Internal Website Optimization

Keywords are only the beginning. There array of factors that can impact a site’s rankings is vast. Without an experienced team of developers to guide you, you may quickly become overwhelmed by all of the factors that need to be analyzed and steps that need to be taken before your site can perform the way you want it to.

At Intelligence Storm, our experience team of developers, designers, SEO experts and writers is prepared to remove the burden of optimizing your site from your shoulders. We possess the knowledge necessary to help you win over Google’s search rankings and, most importantly, users.

Site architecture SEO Analysis

If you visited a building and got lost in it, would you want to go back to it? That’s how users feel when they land on a website that confuses them – if you don’t have a well-organized sitemap, users are unlikely to return to your site, and the site will underperform in searches. By carefully interviewing you, we can determine not only which pages should be on your site, but how the pages should be organized in the sitemap.

For example, if you run a law firm and want to attract clients by targeting specific areas of the law on your site, the sitemap may look like this:

Criminal Defense and Personal Injury are category pages. This helps potential clients find exactly what they are looking for. And, because Google favors sites that are user-friendly, the a sitemap like this will help improve the site’s rankings.

If this seems intimidating, don’t worry – at Intelligence Storm, we have more than 14 years of experience with optimizing page hierarchy for search engines.

Website Content Analysis

We take steps to ensure that pages index with Google by ensuring that Google’s spiders can see your content. Sometimes, that means avoiding the use of Flash, Java or frames. It also means making sure that your content is fresh and informative. Google thinks like its users do – if users don’t like your content, Google won’t either. Lastly, we make sure that the keywords you want to use are woven throughout the content in a natural, readable way.

Our team comprises developers who can ensure that Google’s spiders can read your content, and copywriters who strive to create the best possible content for your site.

Thorough Site Analysis

You are probably unaware of all of the things that can affect your SEO. Missing or ineffective meta descriptions, errors, broken links and pages that are slow to load can all have a negative impact on your site’s rankings. Our SEO team will perform an exhaustive analysis of your site to pinpoint weaknesses. Once we have uncovered everything that is holding your site back, we will fix each problem so that your site can begin performing optimally.

Why Choose Us?

We are perfectionists. When we say we will strive to fix all of the problems with your site, we mean it. We’re experienced – we’ve been helping clients like you succeed online for more than 14 years. We’re cost effective. We can help you stay within your budget.

To request a quote or learn more about internal SEO analysis, please fill out the form below and leave a detailed description of your project.


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Your website is not performing well, and you don’t understand why. The design looks great, the content is killer and you have amazing things to offer. What’s missing? The answer is obvious: search engine optimization (SEO).