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Website SEO Analysis

Your website is not performing well, and you don’t understand why. The design looks great, the content is killer and you have amazing things to offer. What’s missing? The answer is obvious: search engine optimization (SEO). Even if you have already taken steps to optimize your site, your site still may not function the way you hope – that is because optimizing a website is a complicated process that involves a great deal of specialized knowledge. At Intelligence Storm, our SEO experts possess the necessary knowledge and experience to optimize your website effectively.

1: Your Site’s Status Quo

The first step we take is to analyze the traffic your site is currently getting. We look at which search terms bring people to your site, who visits your site, and how long visitors stay on your site. We look at where your site can improve. The information we gather during this step allows us to create a roadmap that will guide our efforts to re-optimize your site. At this stage, we will also review your current site to see whether it contains title tags, meta descriptions, page headings and breadcrumbs – all of which are essential components of a viable SEO strategy. If you site is lacking in these areas, we will make recommendations as to how you can improve them.

2: Scoping Your Competition

It’s not just about your site’s performance. Your site has to outperform your competitors’ site, too. We carefully research your competitors to see what keywords they are using. Though you may offer the same product or service, you will want to avoid using the keywords that your competitors are using. If a competitor’s site is performing better, it will be very difficult for your site to take over their spot in Google’s rankings with the same keywords. Instead, you will want to target keywords that your competitors ignored or are not utilizing effectively. Our SEO experts can turn your competitor’s limitations into your opportunities.

3: Extensive Keyword Research

The best source for keyword insight is Google itself. We use Google’s keyword to thoroughly research keywords to find the ones that will attract the most users to your site. We brainstorm to generate an extensive list of keywords. Then, we refine the results. We will use only the strongest keywords on your site.

4: Creating Great Content

Keywords alone are not enough to make your site successful. They need to be sprinkled, carefully, into the content that you put up on your site. And the content has to be great. Our experienced copywriters can write engaging, polished content about your product or service, and carefully weave keywords into it. Your site simply cannot succeed if it is not optimized correctly. Contact us to learn more about how Intelligence Storm can optimize your site.


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