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Project Management

For successful execution of any project qualitative management system is required. We emphasize the significance of management, knowing that it is 70 per cent of successful completion and further qualitative functioning.

To provide high level of management and service in general, our managers work properly contacted with every client throughout the entire process of development:

Intelligence Storm offers the whole gamut of services on managing your projects and web solutions.

To describe the general conception of the future project, structured text (precise specification, technical task) is used to document the project scope. We can compose this document ourselves according to general description provided by client. Also, you can come with already prepared description.

To evaluate the project time frame we break it to sections and then we divide sections to subsections and so on until we get structured list of assignments. This list will enable us to determine the time frame for each assignment of the project.

There is a close collaboration between client, project manager and developers on the stage of designing. We focus our attention on designing of databases and system functionality. To be on target we coordinate our actions with client, considering his opinion if necessary.

Execution and installation includes the direct modules programming, pages encoding, and creation of databases in compliance with the order specifications and results of designing stage. Also at this stage we test and correct the functionality of developing systems and also installation on web servers.

We deliver daily, weekly and monthly reports on the work that was done, which enables you to be informed on the project status, extent of completion and to monitor execution phase.

Our English-speaking staff is capable of holding negotiations via Email, ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, MSN, AOL and also via phone.


Outsource Your IT Workload services:
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