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Website Design

Design is one of the key steps in creating a website. A website is a complex structural, visual and psychological solution that contributes to the successful development of a company and its image.

Website design begins with the careful study of materials provided by the customer, the market segment for which you are creating the site and the technological specifications for the site. This document contains all you need to start work on the creation of website design information: customer requirements, analysis of competing web resources and conclusions, as well as milestones and deadlines. After agreeing on the required specifications and definition of the tasks, we set out to create the structure of your site, wireframes for each page and the basic design idea for the site.

A wireframe is a framework or design of a future page. The wireframe determines the structure of the web page, the location and size of the basic elements and how these elements interact on the page. Using this scheme, we define the functionality of the page and what it can do, not how it will look.

The most time-consuming phase of site design is creating a design concept out of wireframes and other materials. If necessary, we can offer a few different concepts for the basic idea of the structure, etc. Each concept will be provided in an editable PSD file format.

The final step in creating a website design is cross browser html coding. At this stage of development of the site, we not only typeset the pages, we also optimize each page for search engines. We create Javascripts for the interface and visual effects. A professionally built site will load easily and index well in search engines.

Website design can be developed independently as well as in conjunction with html coding or creating turnkey site.

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Art & Design Services:
You know that you need a logo but the truth is you need more than just a logo you need a logo that captures who you are. You need a logo that people will remember, a logo that will make them think of you the instant they see it.
Since 1999, we have partnered with our clients to create unique, visually appealing art work. Because our experience in this realm is so thorough, we possess a keen awareness of what our clients want and need.