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Realtors Cannot Compete without Websites

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You Need to Be Online if You Want to Find Clients in South Florida

Did you know that nine in ten homebuyers start by looking online? That’s right. According to realtor.org, Google real estate related searches on mobile devices have gone up 120% since 2011. So how can you reach new clients in the Miami area without a website? You can’t. Without a solid online presence, realtors simply cannot compete in today’s market. But it doesn’t stop there. A website can do a lot more for you than just help potential clients find you.

A Website Establishes Credibility and Trust

It’s great to have a website that presents your bio and lists the properties that you are representing. But today’s homebuyers want more than a list of properties and a photo of a smiling realtor standing next to a “for sale” sign. They need someone they can trust. Websites build trust when they go beyond bios and photos and offer comprehensive information about local real estate. Think of common questions that clients ask, and put the answers on your website. Use a blog to showcase your knowledge, and update it frequently. When people find what they are looking for on your website, they will return.

With a Website, Clients are Just a Touch Away

More and more homebuyers are using smartphones to search for homes. If you have a responsive website – a site that is fully functional on mobile phones – clients will not only find you more easily, they will connect with you more easily too. Think about it: the client already has the phone in her hand. If your content contains strong calls to action that instruct her to call, just think of how easy it will be for her to dial the phone!

Create a Brand

Advertising in South Florida media outlets, communicating via social media channels and word of mouth are all important; a website can help to tie all of these efforts together. Your website can help you strengthen your brand. What sort of an agent are you? Are you aggressive about helping your clients find the best deals in Fort Myers? Do you favor a more holistic approach, and devote time to helping your clients find the home that best their lifestyle? Are you a savvy agent who knows all of Fort Lauderdale’s hidden gems and quirks? Are you all three? Then your website should say so: “Aggressive. Holistic. Savvy. Your new home is here.”

Don’t Fall Behind – Create a Realtor Website

The only way to stay ahead of the competition is to make use of all of the latest technological innovations. A website with great content is just the first step. You need a website that is fully functional on all types of devices, including personal computers, tablets and smartphones.