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What You Can Do To Make Your Website Perform Better

As technology becomes more and more prominent in the business sphere, business owners have to adapt to changing times. With little knowledge of proper website design and layout, many business owners decide to continue focusing 100% of their efforts on offline marketing. However, it’s important to remember that before making a large purchase of goods or services, the vast majority of consumers search for the best options online. That’s where Intelligence Storm comes in. below are several ways that Intelligence Storm has helped countless companies create a positive online identity.

Convert Static Websites To Responsive

While static websites were all the rage years ago, today they are outdated and yield poor results. The reason static websites don’t do well anymore is that most people these days use mobile devices like cell phones and tablets to browse the web. Unfortunately, static websites don’t respond to the difference in screen size leading to a poor user experience in a mobile environment. So, by harnessing the power of today’s responsive web, business owners are likely to increase their online sales.

Take Advantage Of Content Management Systems

While in the old days of the web, website owners had to create each and every page of content on their websites from scratch, these days, advances in technology have made managing a website a relatively simple process. Content management systems like WordPress, Magento, OpenCart, and Drupal make it easy to upload content like blog posts, ecommerce products, downloadable goods, and more by automatically formatting content to fit the website’s theme.

Refresh Or Rebuild The Website Theme

When creating a website for a business, it’s important that the website has a nice theme that will be visually appealing to the business’ target audience whether it’s viewed on a computer, cell phone, or a tablet. If a website has an outdated design, it may be a good idea to rebuild the design from the ground up, making sure that the new design is modern and appealing to today’s audience. If the website theme is modern, but could be better, it would be a good idea to refresh the theme with subtle changes designed to keep the attention of the business’ audience.

Add Features and Functionality to Websites

As technology continues to turn the impossible into a possibility, users are starting to expect more and more features from the websites they visit. Features like calendars, store tours, online chat with customer service representatives, and more are becoming common in the online market place. On-site SEO – Another thing to keep in mind is that these days it’s important to write content for both readers and search engines alike. This requires a delicate balance of content both written and designed in a way that allows readers to smoothly digest the content, and gives search engines a full understanding of exactly what the content has to offer. By taking advantage of meta tags, ensuring a natural keyword density, and more while keeping the reader in mind, a business’ content can get much more exposure. Intelligence Storm offers website audit and on-site SEO services to ensure that websites are appealing to both visitors and search engines.

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