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Intervallo iOS app and Iphone app development in Florida.

Intervallo is an advanced timer that allows you to create and run multiple multiphase timers at the same time. The broad configurability makes this timer really universal and applicable in a wide range of functions: from a darkroom timer to a personal secretary.

The main features of the timer Intervallo:
☆ the ability to create and run simultaneously a set of timers;
☆ each timer can be divided into several intervals with unique settings for each interval;
☆ assigning tasks to intervals - dial a number, send a sms or an email;
☆ automatic start and end at the set time intervals;
☆ the ability to create a daily starting intervals;
☆ individual sound schemes of audio notifications for each interval;
☆ quick timer buttons for one tap timer start;
☆ share created timer via email.

Running timer with intervals:

List of runnung timers:

Quicktimers - buttons that allow to run a timer with one tap:
intervallo quick buttons

Splash Screen:

Intervallo splash screen

Intervallo Film Development Presets:

Intervallo film development presets