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Responsive HTML5/CSS3 Magento theme for Catalog of Luxury Watches website

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Responsive Magento theme for Luxury watches catalog. Senior Magento Developer in South Florida, Fort Lauderdale, Miami

The responsive website design layout is implemented to enhance the image viewing experience for the customer. It allows them to read the content on the website easier and makes for simpler scrolling, navigation, panning and resizing of the photos and the content on display on the website. The responsive layout is the best web design layout and luxwatch.com has implemented it on its website in order to provide a better user experience and to allow the easier website access from devices with different screen dimensions, including computers and mobile phones.

Online Store based on Magento. Custom Theme development in South Florida

Why Mobile First Approach

The mobile first design has become incredibly popular in communities today and lots of companies are looking to implement it. The mobile first design allows the UX design and development to be implemented on handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets.

The mobile first approach is incredibly popular today due to the increasing reliance of consumers to search for products on their mobile phones and other handheld devices. The number of websites and the overall number of users that search for websites on mobile phones is expected to triple by the end of this year. This is why it makes good sense for Luxwatch.com to implement a mobile first approach with their website. This will allow them to be easily accessible also provide first-class user experience to their consumers.

Product page of online store managed by magento. Magento Development in Florida


Customized Magento Theme Development

Luxwatch.com has included a custom Magento theme that has been designed with custom filters. These filters allow the users to search for their desired product easily, and it is also extremely useful, since it allows easier SEO optimization for the product.

The Magento system is incredibly useful for online shops that have big inventories because it is extremely powerful and is a rapidly growing ecommerce tool. It is an open source platform and offers great flexibility to all its users through the modular architecture it provides users. Using the Magento platform to their advantage Luxwatch.com has allowed their customers to navigate through the products easily without having to worry about problems such as scrolling and panning through the items that are on the website.

Catalog page of online store powered by Magento. PSD to Responsive HTML5/CSS3 slicing in Fort Lauderdale

Internal SEO Optimization, SEO Templates, Micro Formats and Micro Data

The entire layout of the Luxwatch.com website has been SEO optimized and the option to manage Meta tags was also developed which allows the user to have an exceptional experience when they browse through all the products that are found on the website.

Micro data has also been incorporated into the website and this has taken the website into a whole new dimension. Microdata allow proper labeling of content on the website with the proper type of information. It can be used for labeling a person, a review, a product or an event on the website with simple HTML tags that assign descriptive and brief names to the properties and items.

Senior Magento Developer in South Florida

Whether it may be Magento development in Florida or any other state, Magento developers are in demand extensively as these professionals can make the theme scalable, whilst providing a wide variety of controls along with theme customization. This helps you realize as to how Magento developers in Miami and elsewhere are expert IT professionals.

Luxwatch.com has definitely worked on their web design layout by slicing into HTML5/CSS3, which includes a responsive layout, customized theme for Magento, mobile optimization in order to allow their users to have the best possible experience on their website. They have used the services from some of the leading Magento developers in Miami in order to design a truly world-class web design.