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Responsive HTML5/CSS3 Wordpress theme for Washington Firehouse Restaurant website

Responsive layout design, slicing into HTML5/CSS3, mobile optimized website development for restaurantWordpress based website for Washington Firehouse restaurant

The world has been changed completely because of the impact made by smartphones and tablets, which is why there has been such a massive change in the design layout and user experience of websites. A responsive layout is now a necessity for every website today, since it allows the user to have advanced web-browsing capabilities. This is the reason why websites such as Washington Firehouse Restaurant have shifted their website layout towards a more responsive layout.

The Mobile First Concept, Foundation as the CSS Framework

The mobile first concept is incredibly important for every major business, since we are now living in a day and age where mobile and tablets are ruling the online search results. More people are now shifting towards browsing on their smartphones and tablets, which is why companies are adopting the mobile first concept. It allows them the capability to provide the user with the option of browsing the company website on their mobile or tablet, and also make transactions easily. It also allows the company the advantage in the future as mobile optimized themes are going to be the future for websites. There are lots of applications that are around as well and therefore it makes sense for a company such as Washington Firehouse Restaurant to adopt the mobile first approach for their website. This will make them more accessible to consumers and allow them to market themselves better in the industry.

Main page responsive layout design. Wordpress theme development for Washington based restaurant

Custom Types with PODs Framework

When you are using a Wordpress website you can easily create custom content fields and types, and this basically allows you to make as many changes as you want to the content that is displayed on your website. It also makes adding new content onto the website easier and you also get several options that include creating a new content type or extending an existing content type. This is incredibly beneficial for your website in the long run, since you will not be bothered about adding, removing or updating content on your website. All that can be easily fixed with custom content types within the PODs framework.

SEO Optimization

Search engine optimization is important for every website, but many websites are getting even better at it in order to improve their search engine results. This can be easily done through internal page linking and optimization, which will not only improve the landing page visibility on search engines but you will also get your website ranked higher for all new and relative content on the website. This is a great way to improve the traffic coming to the website and if you are looking to take advantage from that then you need to consider internal website optimization. Washington Firehouse Restaurant has certainly taken the advantage and is now reaping the benefits from it.

Photo gallery page based on PODs Framework for Wordpress

Relevance of a Good Website for a Restaurant

A restaurant is a business and needs to promote its services just like any other business would do. In this technical day and age, people are busy searching for anything that comes to their mind, good food to eat, best places to hangout, where are the best burgers in town? All of these searches are made online and therefore restaurants need to have a good website in order to link themselves with food related searches on the internet and therefore expand their customer pool through online marketing.

Quick turnaround of slicing of PSD layouts into responsive Wordpress theme services.

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