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Wordpress website for South Florida Fishing Charters Captain Rich Smith

wordpress responsive web site

This project includes following steps:

1. Wireframes development of home page, photo- and video- gallery page, fishing locations page

2. Layout design according to wireframes

3. Slicing into responsive HTML5 using Foundation framework

4. Wordpress theme development based on HTML5 responsive template provided.

5. Business logic functionality development using PODs Framework

6. Migration of content from old website to new one.

7. Integration with Facebook comments

8. Instagram integration

9. SEO optimization, options to manage meta tags; integration with Google Analytics and Google webmaster tools

Why Responsive HTML5 layout

Mobile first approach is a MUST these days. Users will a have good experience browsing website using mobile phone or tablet. Captain Rich’s website was sliced into responsive HTML5/CSS3 to meet higher level of user’s expectations. More over search engines will take that into account while ranking website in SERP.

Why PODs Framework

Website’s business logic required us to develop some features that would be easily extend and maintain in the future. We decided to use PODs framework because it gives flexibility, allows to extend standard Wordpress functionality faster.

About Captain Rich

Today you can find Rich guiding full time from Miami to Key West. He is able to cover this wide range of waters because he trailers his skiff all over and is able to stay at his home in Homestead when fishing Miami & Flamingo or at his home in Summerland Key when fishing the Middle and Lower Keys. He is patient with all levels of fisherman and loves to teach people that want to learn how to become a better fisherman.

Website: www.captainrichsmith.com